Quien y Porque?


Crear un espacio para la voz de nuestra comunidad al empoderar a los líderes latinx a través de la unidad, la educación y las conexiones. Juntos como uno; siempre avanzando

Creating a space for our community’s voice by empowering Latinx leaders through unity, education and connections. Together as one; always moving forward. 


What we do...

Nuestra meta es unir y educar a nuestra gente Latinx. 



Equity- We foster a climate of inclusion, where all are valued, and given an opportunity to succeed through solidarity and social justice.

Empowerment- Striving to empower our community through advocacy and awareness by connecting individuals with the tools and resources to thrive in their own lives.

Unity- Working to unite our community by building trust through collaboration and innovation.

Culture- Promoting diversity and cultural competency through representation of our rich history, heritage, and language.

Integrity- We practice honesty and transparency through accountability in the services we provide and those we engage.


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